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Reception Study of the Spanish Translations of Literary Texts

This questionnaire includes five close-ended questions, with predetermined answers to choose from. The main objective of this questionnaire is to provide information on the perception of the writing style of the literary texts previously read.


This questionnaire includes two excerpts from translations of two different novels. You will be able to read the text more than once, if necessary, in order to answer five questions in reference to the writing style of the texts. To be able to answer the questions the following literary concepts need to be clarified:
  • Word usage - refers to the language variety or the number of times the same word is used. 
  • Lexical richness – a higher frequency of word usage or relying on less unique words represents a lower lexical richness. Meaning, the text will display a higher lexical richness if it presents more unique words, and the text will display a lower lexical richness if it’s more repetitive; same words being used on more occasions.
  • Minimalistic style – prioritises brevity and usually devoid of flowery, excessively descriptive language. Meaning, short sentences with a simpler vocabulary.
  • Descriptive writing style – uses vivid imagery and metaphors to provide a visual picture of the characters and settings and incorporate deeper meaning. Meaning, longer sentences with more descriptive vocabulary.
There are 8 questions in this survey.